Operational services
Food Safety Shared Collaborative Service Platform for Better Marketability
Agricultural research
To adhere to the unified planning of agricultural science and technology management, local and sectoral joint implementation
People use the technology they have acquired to cultivate agricultural products in order to meet the needs of social life.
Agricultural base
Cultivating a new and modernized agricultural base to create a greater harvest of outputs
Our Program Advantages
Implementation of seed industry independent innovation project and modern seed industry upgrading project
Provincial-level finance has coordinated existing agriculture-related funds and focused them on supporting the development of advantaged and characteristic agriculture. It has implemented land-use policies, utilized land-use policies for agricultural facilities to support agricultural structural adjustment, and safeguarded land for livestock and poultry farming, large-scale grain production and other projects;
Under the premise of saving and intensive land use, the annual index of new construction land, urban and rural construction land increase and decrease hook indexes give priority to the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and new agricultural business subjects in the construction of supporting auxiliary facilities;
Supporting financial institutions to innovate agriculture-related financial products and services, and providing effective financial services for new agricultural business entities. Actively and steadily promoting the pilot work of mortgage loans for the management rights of rural contracted land and farmers' housing property rights.